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Get to Know Us

Robert Leahey Jr MBA.png


Founder, Thinker, Doer

Born into a pack of six kids in Greater Boston, Rob has always found ways to hustle his way to the top and better craft his skills. As a teenager he’d hack yard sales finds on eBay, then in college he became an eBay certified power seller importing scooters from China. Later on in business school he created a wordpress website with a nifty new medical microscope he helped create, quickly gaining the attention of a global medical and veterinary device distributor. His success ultimately led him to Oracle, Microsoft, and now Redfin where he continues his work in sales. 

Now, after too many years out of the entrepreneurial ring, Rob is tapping back in with Green Suitcase LLC, a company that helps everyday people realize their products' full potential. From ideation to mass production, GreenSuitcases is ready to help get it done.

Proof is in the pudding, Green Suitcases inaugural product is Rob’s own creation. Follow #getJugg and #Juggtech for more. 

Outside of the realm of sales and product innovation, you can catch Rob on a run along the Charles River in Boston or playing the piano Sunday nights on FaceBook Live for family and friends to enjoy.

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